Anatomy. / C. Joseph

Anatomy. / C. Joseph
Anatomy. / C. Joseph
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Anatomy. A Complete Guide to the Human Body, for Artists & Students.The Ivy Press.2013. Isbn:9781782401278

 10/11/17. Gray’s Anatomy, that classic beloved of medical students for over 100 years, is the fundamental work underlying Pocket Anatomy. But this is Gray’s with a difference – with all the fine engravings of the original, but accompanied by fresher, more accessible text that explains in lay terms exactly how the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and all the other systems as well. The book contains 350 detailed engravings – many of them in colour – and is an invaluable guide for all students of anatomy, whether studying for medical or artistic purposes. It is also an appealing sourcebook for artists looking for inspiration from the exquisitely detailed engravings.

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