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  • From opium war to liberation / Isreal Epstein

    From opium war to liberation / Isreal Epstein

    22/12/18.  The purpose of this concise treatment was never to give a full account of China's great change - crucial for herself and - since she is a fifth of manking - for the world. The aim was to speak to western-educated people (not just those of western origin but many on all continents schooled under colonial influence) - to help them to "shift gears" from what they had been taught as history to things they had not been taught or led to dismiss as marginal.

  • Glen of the Fairies / Antony Mackenzie Smith

    Glen of the Fairies / Antony Mackenzie Smith

    Chapters include: the Mackenzies, Royal Route to Deeside, Upper Glens, Diarmid and the Boar, Raids of the Caterans, M'comie Mor, the Cam Ruadh, Stone Circles, John Farquharson, Poetry and Song, Malt Whisky.Glenshee is a wild, romantic, unbelievably beautiful part of Scotland steeped in lore and legend. In this book, Tony Mackenzie Smith, who was born and brought up there, draws the reader deep into the heart of this magical place, weaving history, legend and family anecdote into a rich tapestry. He provides a haunting, at times hilarious, tale, teaming with character and incident. 

  • Goblins! /B. Frouds

    Goblins! /B. Frouds

     Goblins, a subspecies of faerie, are those creatures that cause all the trouble in the human world. Froud and Berk have investigated goblins and, unfortunately, infected their book with them. Anyone who brings this book home will be in big trouble. 'Goblins' is a fun, funny, smelly, sticky guide, reproducing pages of the ancient and odoriferous Codex Goblinensis; including a first-ever Field Guide that will help identify the various types of goblins; a gazetteer of photos of goblins taken with the arcane, and highly temperamental, Goblin Camera; and a section that helps you know if you've 'got goblins' and what to do about it. (There is nothing you can do). Brilliantly written and illustrated by Brian Froud and Ari Berk, 'Goblins' combines the detailed, folkloric approach of 'Faeries' and 'Runes of Elfland' with the wackiness of 'Lady Cottington' to make their most visually rich and outrageous book yet.

  • Going Postal / T. Pratchett

    Going Postal / T. Pratchett

     Moist von Lipwig is a con artist and a fraud and a man faced with a life3 choice: be hanged, or put Ankh-Morpork's ailing postal service back on its feet.It's a tough decision. 

  • Greek Science After Aristotle / G. E. R. Lloyd

    Greek Science After Aristotle / G. E. R. Lloyd

     8/11/18.Although there is no exact equivalent to our term "science" in Greek, Western science may still be said to originate with the Greeks.In this volume, the author discusses the fundamental Greek contributions to science, drawing on the rich literary and archaeological sources for the period after Aristotle. Particular attention is paid to the Greeks' conceptions of the inquiries they were engaged on, and to the interrelations of science and philosophy, science and religion, and science and technology. In the first part of the book the author considers the two hundred years after the death of Aristotle, devoting separate chapters to mathematics, astronomy, and biology. He goes on to deal with Ptolemy and Galen and concludes with a discussion of later writers and of the problems raised by the question of the decline of ancient science.

  • Green Angel / Alice Hoffman

    Green Angel / Alice Hoffman

     Left on her own when her family dies in a terrible disaster, fifteen-year-old Green is haunted by loss and by the past. Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere, Green retreats into the ruined realm of her garden. But in destroying her feelings, she also begins to destroy herself, erasing the girl she'd once been as she inks darkness into her skin. It is only through a series of mysterious encounters that Green can relearn the lessons of love and begin to heal enough to tell her story. 

  • Heat treatment / J. Wintle

    Heat treatment / J. Wintle

    Travels beyond the Orient from Bangkok to the Solomon Islands. "[The author] journeyed from incomparable Bangkok, through Malaysia, the antiseptic sting of Singapore, to Borneo, Indonesia and finally on to 'sheer Paradise'--the Solomon Islands. 

  • Heidegger's Philosophy of Being./ H. Philipse

    Heidegger's Philosophy of Being./ H. Philipse

     4/10/18. This scrupulously researched and rigorously argued book is the first to interpret and evaluate the central topic of Martin Heidegger's philosophy--his celebrated "Question of Being"--in the context of the full range of Heidegger's thought. With this comprehensive approach, Herman Philipse distinguishes in unprecedented ways the center from the periphery, the essential from the incidental in Heidegger's philosophy. Among other achievements, this allows him to shed new light on the controversial relationship between Heidegger's life and thought--in particular the connections between his philosophy and his involvement with Nazism.

  • Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War / H. G. Summers

    Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War / H. G. Summers

     9/4/18. With more than one hundred four-color maps supplemented by photographs and reconstructions, the Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War provides the first major visualization of that war as well as a penetrating and comprehensive analysis of the conflict based on both U.S. and Vietnamese postwar accounts. The atlas begins with an overview of the foundations of the Vietnamese nation-state, including its almost two-thousand-year struggle to break free from Chinese domination and its century-long fight to gain its independence from French colonial rule, and sets the 1954 partition of the country and the subsequent American involvement there in their cold war context. U.S. involvement is examined in depth to provide an understanding of why America intervened and why, despite its battlefield successes, it ultimately failed to obtain its political objective: a free and independent South Vietnam. Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr., examines the many anomalies of the war, including why the United States bought the Communist propaganda line that relations between China and Vietnam were as "the lips to the teeth," when Vietnam actually felt betrayed by its Chinese "ally." Unlike most U.S. writings on the war, which end with the 1968 Tet Offensive - a failing analogous to ending the study of World War II with Stalingrad or Guadalcanal - Summers' essay draws on North Vietnamese sources to explode the notion that the war was an indigenous South Vietnamese uprising.

  • Hooray for Fish! / L. Cousins

    Hooray for Fish! / L. Cousins

     The creator of the beloved Maisy offers a splashy, fun-filled adventure in this bright and buoyant read-aloud that pays tribute to all things fishy. 

  • Ideas and opinions / Albert Einstein

    Ideas and opinions / Albert Einstein

     9/12/18. IDEAS AND OPINIONS contains essays by eminent scientist Albert Einstein on subjects ranging from atomic energy, relativity, and religion to human rights, government, and economics. Previously published articles, speeches, and letters are gathered here to create a fascinating collection of meditations by one of the world's greatest minds.

  • If worlds of science fiction

    If worlds of science fiction

     If was an American science fiction magazine launched in March 1952 by Quinn Publications, owned by James L. Quinn. Quinn hired Paul W. Fairman to be the first editor, but early circulation figures were disappointing, and Quinn fired Fairman after only three issues. Quinn then took over the editorial position himself. He stayed in that role until late 1958, though Larry T. Shaw took over most editorial duties for a year from mid-1953. In 1958 Damon Knight was hired as editor, but within three issues Quinn sold the magazine to Robert Guinn at Galaxy Publishing. 

  • Indian Tribes of the United States / D'Arcy McNickle

    Indian Tribes of the United States / D'Arcy McNickle

     McNickle worked under Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier during the 1930s and 1940s. The Bureau of Indian Affairs first hired him as an administrative assistant, but by 1950 he had been appointed chief of the tribal relations branch, and he soon became an expert. He was appointed the director of the University of Colorado's American Indian Development, Inc. in 1952, and received an honorary Doctor of Science degree in 1966. Later that year, he moved to what is now the University of Regina, to create the anthropology department. In 1972, he helped create the Center for the History of the American Indian in Chicago's Newberry Library; the center was named in his honor in 1984. Also named in his honor was the library at the Salish Kootenai College on the Flathead Reservation. 

  • Japan the final agony / A. Coox

    Japan the final agony / A. Coox

     Ballantines illustrated histoty of world war 2.Ravaged by firebombs and torn by her efforts to provide the manpower, munitions and food to mount a sufficient force to repulse the American invasion.War-weary Japan was determind still to fight.

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull / R. Bach

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull / R. Bach

    People who make their own rules when they know they're right... people who get a special pleasure out of doing something well (even if only for themselves)... people who know there's more to this whole living thing than meets the eye: they'll be with Jonathan Seagull all the way.Others may simply escape into a delightful adventure about freedom and flight.This book, quite simply, is unique. 

  • Jung`s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism. / R. Moacanin

    Jung`s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism. / R. Moacanin

     9/9/18. An ancient Eastern spiritual discipline is reconciled with a contemporary Western psychological system.

  • Just monkeys / M. Wilson

    Just monkeys / M. Wilson

     22/9/17. In het Engels, met veel mooie illustraties.

  • King Ink / N. Cave

    King Ink / N. Cave

    Author and singer/songwriter Cave's first book, which collects early lyrics from his recordings with The Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds (up to and including the Bad Seeds' record, "Your Funeral, My Trial"), short stories and short plays. Cave's dark vision, coupled with his strong connections to primitive folk and blues music, and murder ballads in particular, has yielded an artist whose music rivals the intensity and integrity of Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. Even more impressively, Cave recently made a strong debut as a screenwriter in the hard-boiled Australian western, "The Proposition." Extremely uncommon. 

  • King Ink II / N. Cave

    King Ink II / N. Cave

     Collecting his lyrics from his masterpiece Tender Prey all the way through his masterpiece The Boatman's Call, this shows Cave tackling broader subjects with an ever-more-eloquent pen, but staying "chained to the same bowl of vomit" as he puts it, returning again and again to the recurring themes of love, loss, God, and death. This book also includes lyrics to songs that have thus far remained unpublished, or were written for other artists, as well as a short "movie treatment. 

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