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  • The vampire encyclopedia. / M Bunson

    The vampire encyclopedia. / M Bunson

     2/12/16.With over 2,000 entries in A-to-Z format, THE VAMPIRE ENCYCLOPEDIA is a one-stop reference for everything and anything to do with vampires, from books and films to the history of the vampire legend and ways to RESIST THESE IRRESISTIBLE CREATURES. The vampire is alive and flourishing in books, hit television shows, clubs, even comic books—there's no end in sight for the immortal ones!

  • The Wisdom of the Sands: Discourses on Sufism. / Bhagwan Shree

    The Wisdom of the Sands: Discourses on Sufism. / Bhagwan Shree

     Chandra Mohan Jain (About this sound pronunciation  11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (About this sound pronunciation (help·info)) during the 1970s and 1980s and as Osho from 1989, was an Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher who has an international following.A professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India during the 1960s as a public speaker. His outspoken criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religion made him controversial. He advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality, a stance which earned him the sobriquet of "sex guru" in the Indian and (later) international press.

  • The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ. / L. frank Baum & R. Sabuda.

    The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ. / L. frank Baum & R. Sabuda.

     9/5/18. Robert Sabuda has created a resplendent pop-up version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original publication. This glorious edition is told in a shorter version of L. Frank Baum's original text, with artwork in the style of W. W. Denslow. With sparkling touches of colored foil and Emerald City eyeglasses, this classic tale is certain to find an honored place on the family bookshelf.

  • Through the Jungle of Death / J. Murray

    Through the Jungle of Death / J. Murray

     In 1942, as war spread in the Far East and the British, Japanese and Chinese fought ferocious battles on Burmese soil, a 11-year-old Anglo-Burmese boy and his family found themselves trapped in the path of the advancing armies. Like hundreds of thousands of other refugees abandoned by the civil administration, their only hope of survival was to try to escape on foot to India through the dense jungles of Northern Burma. Stephen Brookes was that young boy, and in this account he describes the flight from his affluent home and the fearful 3000-mile journey that partially destroyed his family. It took them via China and the Burma Road, ending in a 300-mile barefoot trek across mountain ridges, where they were ambushed by Chinese soldiers, through the terrible jungle swamps of the Hukawng Valley at the height of the monsoon and into the horror of an internment camp where they were left to rot for months. Those eight months of fear, sickness and starvation turned him from a boy into a man as he witnessed the death of his father and took on responsibility for his mother and sick brother and sister until they finally reached safety at Jhansi in India.

  • Traditional sweater book / M. Weston

    Traditional sweater book / M. Weston

     Traditional Sweater Book (Hardcover). 1987. Met beschrijving. Ook voor fijn brijwerk.Engels. 

  • Trek: The Unauthorized A-Z / H. Shuster

    Trek: The Unauthorized A-Z / H. Shuster

    A guide to the "Star Trek" phenomenon provides facts and trivia about all aspects of the popular TV series and its TV and film spinoffs 

  • Tron betrayel / J. Nitz

    Tron betrayel / J. Nitz

     6/11/18. Tron: The Betrayal is an action-packed original story that takes place in the world of the Tron franchise.

  • Under the Window / Kate Greenaway

    Under the Window / Kate Greenaway

    Pictures and Rhymes for Children . 

  • Uniforms of the French forein legion / M. Windrow

    Uniforms of the French forein legion / M. Windrow

     The first serious study of the development of the legionnaires' appearance from the Legion's formation to the present. This revised edition provides further information and brings the story up to date. A concise illustrated record, based upon many years of research into documents, histories and photographs and upon interviews with legionnaires, built around more than 100 meticulously detailed full-colour figure paintings, supported by many rare photographs. The text gives extensive descriptions of the uniforms, field dress and equipment of the Legion in all periods. 

  • United We Fall / P, Ridsdale

    United We Fall / P, Ridsdale

         United We Fall is the book that invites the fan into that intriquing world ot power and politics, as witnessed behind the  scenes at a Premiership club. It is the unique story of life deep inside football, detailing the rise and fall of one of the country's most legendary clubs - Leeds United. It is also the true story of how a childhood fan rose to become chairman of his beloved club in a fantasy football dream that went spectacularly wrong.

  • Vampireology / N. Raven

    Vampireology / N. Raven

     25/11/16.'Vampireology' reveals the history of vampires who have lived among us and preyed on humans since the beginning of time. Written in 1900 by the world's Protector, Archibold Brooks, the unpublished manuscript falls into the hands of our detective, Kraik, when Brooks is murdered in 1920. Kraik is given the task of publishing the book.

  • Waltz with Bashir. / A. Folman

    Waltz with Bashir. / A. Folman

     One night in Beirut in September 1982, while Israeli soldiers secured the area, Christian militia members entered the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and began to massacre hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians. Ari Folman was one of those Israeli soldiers, but for more than twenty years he remembered nothing of that night or of the weeks leading up to it. Then came a friend's disturbing dream, and with it Folman's need to excavate the truth of the war in Lebanon and answer the crucial question: what was he doing during the hours of slaughter?

  • When We Were Very Young./ A. A. Milne

    When We Were Very Young./ A. A. Milne

     Verses full of bubbling nonsense and rhythm, written for the author's son, Christopher Robin. It is for "very small children (and for their elders who get a surreptitious joy from what is meant for their little ones)". 

  • Witches / E. Jong

    Witches / E. Jong

     6/6/17. She explores the figure of the witch both as historical reality and as archetype - as Halloween hag and full-breasted seductress - as a lingering vestige of a primeval religion and a projection of fear of the unknown.In prose and poetry, all wonderfully enhanced by the illustrations of Joseph A. Smith, Erica Jong treats the witch as a survivor of the age of sorcery, as a scapegoat for male-dominated church-state politics, as a remarkable natural healer, and as a hexer without peer. Tales of torture and triumph, a gallery of witches' familiars, real recipes for love potions and for flying lotions, and formulas for spells and incantations make this rich serio-comic excursion vibrate with mystery and delight.

  • Zen:the diamond thunderbolt / Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

    Zen:the diamond thunderbolt / Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

     Zen:the diamond thunderbolt. Rebel Publishing House, 1988. Hardcover.5 books in Box. English. 

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